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"Being a part of Black Girl Magic is exciting and cool! We do a ton of fun activities and I get to hang out with all my friends! Black Girl Magic makes me feel included and it is great to be with other Black girls"!


Current Black Girl Magic participant & 5th grade student

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"Being a part of the Black Girl Magic program makes me feel accepted and cared about. It's a movement where women of color can stand together and support each other. I love getting to know other smart, Black girls who I can relate to. Since COVID-19 hit. I haven't had the chance to be around people my age so Black Girl Magic has been an amazing opportunity to stay connected with my community".


Current Black Girl Magic youth leader & 10th grade student


"I have made new friends since joining the Black Girl Magic program. I get to participate in activities where we can be creative and work with other Black girls who are smart, fun and talented. Black Girl Magic also teaches you leadership skills and motivates you to be your best self at all times".


Current Black Girl Magic participant & 6th grade student

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"I love being able to spend time with my friends that I’ve made at these Black Girl Magic events. It helps me feel like I fit in! My favorite Black Girl Magic event is  Mindfulness in the Park. It is important for young people to also do yoga, stretching, deep breathing and other wellness exercises. And we learn this and more being in the Black Girl Magic program".


Current Black Girl Magic participant & 9th grade student

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